About Us

We are a team of trading professionals, cryptographers and financial engineers committed to removing the inefficiencies that constrain markets. We see the combination of privacy preserving technology and risk management as the solution to unlocking credit. This is the foundation for the X-Margin Credit system, an end-to-end provably private risk engine.

Why We're Here

We believe in the disintermediation of financial services and the importance of privacy. Through applications ofconfidential computing, cryptographyandzero knowledge proofs,we aim to facilitate this disintermediation. We believe our infrastructure is capable of powering the benefits of decentralized systems, absent the trade-offs required by consensus mechanisms.

We focus on re-imagining risk management and clearing. Our products facilitate smart credit extension and enhance capital efficiency for trading firms, while protecting privacy and promoting independent control.

Meet The Team


Arne Hollum

Co-Founder / CTO

7+ years building machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and trading applications ING and m-wise.

Darshan Vaidya

Co-Founder / CEO

10+ years trading fixed-income, FX, and oil derivatives. Previously CIO at cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Matthew Ficke

COO / Founding Team

5+ years at Morgan Stanley trading FX products, 2+ years at OKCoin as Head of Capital Markets.


Joman Chu


Giovanni Mazzeo

Team Lead -

Trusted Computing

Mark Reynolds

Team Lead -


Suraj Chawda

Team Lead -

FS Development

Konstantin Bulakh

Team Lead -

Timeseries Database

Matej Štajduhar

Team Lead -


Jose Castillo

Team Lead - C++

Anabhav Prabakar

Product Management

Nancy Nguyen

Team Lead - Design

Work With Us


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  • 3+ years of experience with C++ and Python in relevant industry
  • Understanding of financial risk and trading, or background in another similiar quantitative discipline


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  • Candidate MUST have experience coding applications for use in Intel SGX enclaves *******
  • X-Margin is using cutting edge zero knowledge technology to disintermediate credit markets and clearing. Our team is seeking top tier, ambitious and eager talent.


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  • You should be comfortable around both front-end and backend-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries.
  • Knowledge of multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g.l)

Investors & Partners