About Us

We are a global team of trading professionals, cryptographers, financial engineers, and digital asset enthusiasts.

Why We're Here

We believe in the disintermediation of financial services and the importance of privacy. This can be acheived through applications of Confidential Computing, Cryptography and Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Our focus is on re-imagining risk management and clearing. X-Margin products facilitate smart credit extension and enhance capital efficiency for trading firms, while protecting privacy.


The First Step to a New Era of Clearing

X-Margin is live today, enabling derivatives trading across multiple counterparties, while automating settlement, increasing capital efficiency...

Zero Knowledge Technology - Disintermediation Without Decentralization

Disintermediation is the removal of the middleman between a buyer and seller of a transaction, or between the source and recipient of information...

Meet The Team

Darshan Vaidya

CEO & Co-Founder

Arne Hollum

CTO & Co-Founder

Matt Ficke


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