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How does Zero Knowledge technology enhance credit relationships?

Zero Knowledge technology ensures X-Margin is functioning in an unbiased and privacy preserving way, and as the users expect. Specifically, user trades, positions, and any other unapproved metrics are provably inaccessible by X-Margin or any 3rd party, ensuring neutrality of calculations.

Zero Knowledge technology enhances the trust in the system, and hence removes the need for a regulated or trusted intermediary that would normally verify credit worthiness of counterparties.

Who benefits from using X-Margin Credit?

X-Margin allows borrowers to supply lenders with real-time portfolio risk metrics, while preserving the privacy of trades, positions, and other sensitive information. Borrowers benefit from improved lending terms, as they can display their risk in real-time and assure lenders they are trading responsibly. Lenders benefit from increased visibility and real-time information.

Who can use X-Margin Credit?

X-Margin Credit is currently available for institutional use globally. Please select the Request Access page, and we will provide links to open an account.

What are "Risk Metrics"?

X-Margin calculates a variety of Risk Metrics on each user's portfolio, including Equity, Balance, Margin Usage, Maximum Loss (SPAN or VaR calculations), Aggregate absolute Delta, and Gamma.

These metrics are updated in real-time, and a borrower's history is made available via X-Margin's platform and API.

What if I disagree with X-Margin Risk Metric calculations?

If you believe X-Margin calculations are incorrect per our documentation, please contact our support. X-Margin relies on multiple 3rd party APIs, and cannot guarantee data sources are always available. Clients should maintain oversight of the output from X-Margin to ensure they are in line with expectations.

Does X-Margin see my private trade data or positions?

X-Margin will not see any private data not approved by clients (trade details, positions, etc.). The X-Margin system is configurable, and only the output from X-Margin's proprietary risk infrastructure is visible. All outputs are approved by each user of X-Margin.

What information does X-Margin store?

X-Margin will not see private data that is not approved as visible by each client. X-Margin stores summary information and makes it accessible to each approved subscriber. X-Margin also permits users sharing their historical summary information, effectively demonstrating their ability to manage risk over time. This can drive improved credit relationships.

Can I customize the information made available for lenders?

X-Margin makes a number of template metrics available for lenders. If you have a specific request, please contact our team.

How do I know if a lender is viewing my summary risk information?

Active subscribers are visible on X-Margin's dashboard. X-Margin also limits the number of approved subscribers, reducing the risk of unwanted access.

Which lenders can I borrow from?

X-Margin is a technology solution, allowing you to source lending from anyone you see fit. We remain removed from the lender-borrower bilateral relationship. Please contact our team if we can help connect you amongst the industry.

Who is responsible in the event of a default?

The lender and borrower have a contractual relationship governing the terms of the loan. X-Margin is serving as a technology tool enabling real-time access.

What if X-Margin distributes incorrect information?

X-Margin is pulling information from exchanges, wallets, and custody providers. The providers may have disruptions or other incidents which periodically impact the integrity of the information running through X-Margin. Our software contains multiple checks for invalid information, by comparing pricing across exchanges and the status of multiple connections to each venue.

What if X-Margin's system goes down?

X-Margin will attempt to maintain consistent, reliable uptime, where feasible. Moreover, wherever it is possible, X-Margin will have multiple data sources, failover servers, and store calculations in the user's databases whenever possible. However, in the unlikely event there is still a failure, and X-Margin is unable to do calculations, please contact X-Margin support. Given the reliance on third party data sources, even with our best efforts, X-Margin cannot guarantee 100% uptime, and cannot be held responsible for ensuring the availability or accuracy of data sources.

Can X-Margin help power my exchange?

X-Margin Risk Engine is already in use by major exchange venues and OTC desks. Our team assists the setup and deployment of the risk engine, and the product permits customizable margin methodologies, customizable risk parameters, and flexible data sources, giving venues maximum flexibility.

What risk methodologies does X-Margin offer?

X-Margin provides modified SPAN methodology, and VaR methodologies. Each methodology contains multiple configurable components, including data sources, correlations, and shock parameters. Our team is capable of quickly deploying new methodologies or modifications, depending on the use case.

Where can I learn about pricing?

X-Margin charges a recurring annual fee for exchange deployments. The price varies depending on latency and support requirements. Please contact our team via the Request Access page to learn more.

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