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X-Margin Raises $8 Million Series A to Grow Institutional Credit Platform

SEP 13, 2021

X-Margin Credit currently monitors $2 billion of trading portfolio assets on behalf of Lenders...

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X-Margin Partners to Launch Maple Solana, Opens $45M Pool

APR 25, 2022

X-Margin is expanding our partnership with Maple by becoming the first team to operate an uncollateralized lending pool on Maple Solana.

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The State Of The Crypto Credit Ecosystem

MAY 6, 2021

While the market for crypto lending may still be small relative to other credit markets, the rapid growth in...

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Maple Finance and Maven 11's wETH Pool to leverage X-Margins Privacy-Preserving Credit Oracle

APR 25, 2022

Maven 11 launched a wrapped Ethereum pool on Maple Finance, and will be using X-Margin's privacy-preserving credit infrastructure.

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X-Margin and Atlendis Form Credit Evaluation Partnership to Facilitate Uncollateralized Crypto Loans

MAR 17, 2022

X-Margin's credit evaluation will reduce the inherent risk of DeFi lending by providing...

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The Future of Privacy Preserving Credit Scoring

SEP 29, 2021

X-Margin reimagines risk engine, achieving neutrality, accuracy, and privacy while maintaining the speed of computations.

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X-Margin and Clearpool Partner to Bring Transparent Lending to Institutions Trading Digital Assets

NOV 09, 2021

Partnership to unlock uncollateralized credit for institutional crypto trading...

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X-Margin and Qredo Partner to Unlock Secure Credit for Institutional Digital Asset Trading

SEP 30, 2021

Qredo, the decentralized custodial infrastructure provider, is partnering with X-Margin,

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