Data-Driven Lending

For Any Pool Of Capital

X-Margin Credit is A Complete Platform For Managing The

Lending And Borrowing Life-Cycle


One Platform For Secure And

Transparent Lending

  • Monitor counterparty assets and risk in real-time, across top centralized exchanges, custody solutions, and DeFi
  • Set alerts for margin calls and adjustments in counterparty risk metrics
  • Limit the movement of loan assets to a defined list of venues
  • Leverage complete APIs for loan entry and management


Unlocking Credit For Capital

Efficient Trading

  • Borrow against your DeFi and cross-exchange spot and derivatives portfolio
  • Share real-time summary metrics without ever revealing sensitive data to anyone
  • Build a historical credit profile to accelerate new onboarding
  • Seamlessly connect to lenders, access competitive pricing

Provably Private, Unbiased,

And Neutral Risk Calculation

  • Powered by institutional grade risk engines
  • Distributed Confidential Computing architecture
  • Cryptographic proofs and attestations

Why X-Margin

Operational Efficiency

Set up an account in minutes, and streamline due diligence. Manage loans through a complete set of APIs.

Risk Reduction

Limit the movement of funds from borrower DeFi wallets and amongst trusted exchanges.

Standardized Metrics

Condense complex risk analysis to consumable metrics and aggregate scores.