Enhancing Credit for
Institutional Trading

Privacy-preserving risk technology that enhances credit access for trading firms and enables real-time risk monitoring for lenders.

X-Margin technology drives capital efficiency for institutions.

Unlocking Credit For Capital Efficient Trading

  • Borrowers: Source credit, increase your leverage and boost returns.
  • Lenders: Lend smarter with real-time monitoring of your borrower's risk.
  • Exchanges: Enable data driven credit extension for valuable clients.

Powered by Institutional Grade Risk Engines

  • Flexible architecture built for unparalleled speed - calculate risk on 1,000 instruments in under 1ms.
  • Supports calibration for multiple risk methodologies.
  • Developed by a team of experienced traders and financial engineers.


X-Margin is built to deliver the speed and scalability institutional traders require.

Sensitive information is provably kept secure and private, protected and validated by confidential computing and zero knowledge proofs.

Proof of Security

Proof of Computation

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