Credit Infrastructure for
Institutional Trading

Private Credit Verification Technology that Removes the Central Intermediary

Increase Capital Efficiency - Enhance Credit Access - Maintain Control

Unlocking Credit For Capital Efficient Trading

  • Lenders: Reduce risk and lend smarter - leverage real-time privacy preserving risk metrics of your borrowers.
  • Borrowers: Make your capital go further - borrow against your cross-exchange spot and derivatives portfolio.
  • Traders: Use your own accounts - prove creditworthiness while protecting your positions and trading strategies.

Powered by Institutional Grade Risk Engines

  • Built for unparalleled speed - calculate risk on 1,000 instruments in under 1ms.
  • Flexible architecture supporting OTC trading and exchange applications.
  • Developed by a team of experienced traders and financial engineers.


X-Margin couples Confidential Computing and Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Our infrastructure is designed as a fast, scalable, and trustless technology intermediary.

It calculates industry leading risk metrics while generating Proofs of Encryption and Computation.

Proof of Encryption

Proof of Computation

SGX Enclaves